Thursday, 31 May 2012

Scary few days

I am writing this from my second home, things went down hill quickly and I ended up being admitted!
On Monday I thought I had Hay fever and went to see theresa at the surgery, she wasn't very happy but agreed to increase pred and start nebs as well as some extra anti histamine and be reviewed in the morning! Over night things got no better although no worse really so went back to see her as planned and my gp and her decided admission was necessary, from that point I remember very little, I remember how brilliant the surgery were and getting in the ambulance! Still bring stubborn and saying I can walk! I was taken straight to mau and they were fabulous they acted really quickly in getting I've drugs etc in! They managed to ruin my white trousers but saving my life was more important! Itu were called and my family called in, I was oblivious to most of this and remember feeling quite calm amongst all the panic. That was Tuesday morning, I am now safely on the respiratory ward where they gave been brilliant! I have had no proper sleep since Tuesday so I am exhausted, who would think breathing could make you so tired. I think I could sleep for ages. It turns out have the pseudamonas infection again in both lungs! I'm hoping they will chuck me out before the weekend as its a four day bank holiday and I'm not staying here that long I will go mad. I'm off my in drugs now so I'm thinking they might if I promise to do nothing!
Anyway after a scary few days for me and everyone around me life goes on! I hate seeing the fear in my best friend and brother eyes and hate putting them through this. Anyway I'm hoping this is a temporary blip and if I can get on top of this I will be well for a while.

Anyway I am hoping this time tomorrow I will be home and getting some rest
I think I need to try and get my head down before everyone around me starts shouting and driving me nuts.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Fed up and I don't know why!

This week has been a week of mixed emotions after returning from holiday I was quite poorly with a bad chest which I think everyone thought was going to turn into an admission but some how we caught it in time with masses of steroids and antibiotics, I was being a bit stubborn by not giving in as I didn't want people to say I told you so! I don't know why I care what people say but i do!!
Then the next day Peter moved back from Wales which was planned before my holiday the only thing was I couldn't go up with dad as I felt so unwell! He is back now and with his puppy. So far it's Ok and he is actually quite sweet although inkeep calling him ugly. Peter starts a new job soon which I think will make it easier for everyone.
I have had a busy week, with lots of flowers to plant at work
And home not helped by it being the hottest week of the year, anyway we got there in the end and they look lovely.
I seem to be suffering with hay fever or it could be a cold I'm not sure, I feel awful but am determined not to put steroid dose back up as it is really starting to have horrid effects.
I'm really fed up at the moment I am blaming the steroids, my bones also ache and every little joint is agony, I am also annoyed that the steroids mean I have put in weight, I was doing so well and then it seems I'm back to square one again. Right now I feel the desire to run away from everything and hide, I'm not ever sure why I just do. Oh well it's not going to happen so I guess I just have to get on with everything


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Reality hits!!

After the most fantastic holiday I'm home and don't I know it. I'm so annoyed as this morning I woke up this morning coughing and spluttering, I think I have caught a chest infection from the plane so I guess the next few days will tell, I just hope it goes away quickly as I don't have time to be ill over the next few weeks.
I guess the most annoying thing is the fact I was so well away and now I'm back to where I started.
Oh well I have lots of family things to do this week and need to go to Wales in Tuesday to help Peter move back, I won't say to much about that as its probably best not to. Anyway I think I need an early night as I am so tired


Friday, 18 May 2012

I'm in heaven

I'm writing this from the beautiful canary islands it is much hotter than we expected but it is gorgeous! 40 degrees today which is a bit of a killer but it is just rest I need. Me and Kate have had such a laugh already!!! Not looking forward to getting back to the reality of home in a few days but until then I'm in heaven!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Excited, stressed and a little nervous!

This time on Saturday i will be enjoying the sunshine of fuereventura and i cant wait, i didn't really i have not had a proper holiday in over a year as i was using my work annual leave to reduce my hours down over the last part of the year. I think i need a holiday as i am physically and mentally exhausted, i just need to get there in one piece.
With tomorrow the only day to get everything done i think its going to be a long one, oh well i always leave everything to the last minute so that's nothing new. I am sure everything is going to be fine whilst we are there and i know we have a nice time and then when i come home my body can get a strop on as much as it likes but it will not ruin my holiday!! I have a doctors telephone appointment tomorrow to discuss more blood results and i know what he is going to say and i hope it is a simple solution otherwise it will have to wait.
Oh well the next time i update this i hope to be feeling rested and relaxed after a week of doing nothing and not running around after anyone.
One thing i forgot to add, Rosie is still very much alive and is staying with Nicola for a week so i hope she is goo, its odd without her tonight, i think i have grown more attached to her than i thought.
Oh well must crack on with all my jobs!!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

busy time with a body that is rebelling!!

why is life so busy, i never seem to have enough time in the day and as a result my body is getting in a strop. This morning i couldnt even get out of bed as i ached from head to toe and i just felt generally rubbish, anyway i got there eventually and no one really noticed so that was ok. I am starting to think i have taken on a bit to much and i feel bombarded with it all.
I am really behind with several things and now dont really know how to catch up, oh well i guess i will do.
I am trying to stay as well as possible before my holiday which is now only a week on saturday away, i cant want as it will be the rest i need and a time to relaz. I think my body is trying to tell me to slow down as i have a constant headache and just feel yucky as well a bit out of breath, nothing major just annoying really.
I think i need an early night tonight to see if that helps. 
Oh well im just whinging now so i think i should end it there, hopefully the next few days will be different.