Tuesday, 22 March 2011

long over due update again!!!

OMG didnt realise it had been solong since i last updated this, so much has happened!!
Firstly i have had my southampton appointment at it seems there is lots of things that have been missed by the RBH, why was i not suprised!! .it seems i have very low vit d levels which is stopping me absorbing steroids well so thats one thing that needs sorting, still watiing for the prescription though as local hospital cant get hold of it and im not going back to southampton until the 13th april so lokks like i might have to wait until then. Also need a bronchoscopy as he said i have really bad reflux which is causing the aspiration and probably effecting my chest. He also changed inhalers added in new stuff and was just very reassuring and helpful. Things arent really any better and seem to be coughing up blood on a regular basis, which is kind of annoying and very messy. Also aspirating on food quite a lot so thats not very good. Other than that things remian there unsettled self bu there some hope of them getting a bit better.
Had a lovely holiday in tenerife with my best friend, it was fab, really relaxing and just what we bothe needed, only one downside, ended up in hospitak within days of getting back which has meant i now do not have a fitness to fly certificate so gonna have to work around that me thinks!!
Also been referred to occupational health so had to see them and it was ok, she say i am fit to work so thats pissed a few people of!! Not allowed to drive at work though as they are questioning sleep apneo so desperately trying ot get results of recent sleep study!!
other than all that everything carrys on as usual.
Have decided today that i can only be what i am and if people want more then that they are going to have to sod of as i cant be more!!
Now for the future well i have decicded i want to go to disneyland in paris obviously as that doesnt involve flying!! i also wont to finish my ou course and i am contemplating joing the gym as need to get a bit fitter, the only problem i am so bloody tired allthe time that i am not sure where i am going to get energy to go from but we  will see.
Well enough rambling for now and to bed for me as tomorrow isanother day and as usual i have a busy day planned!!!