Friday, 20 January 2012

This could turn into a real whingy post so you have been warned but as its my blog im going to say what i want!!
what a week!! It has been really hard, started with me falling out with Pete and not talking to him, he really annoyed me and the way he treats his own family so was best to ignore him for a couple of days, the problem with ignoring someone it is actually really hard work and it was really getting to me and i was taking out on everyone else!! anyway we have sorted things out now i think so lets hope that is over for a while and that he has started to understand that he has to be careful how he speaks to people and how his actions can affect everyone else!!
Health wise this week has been hard, it seems i have picked up a viral infection which is causing extreme pain in all my joints, i can usually cope with pain but this is horrid and every time i move it is pure agony, this has meant i have a really short temper and i have taken it out on everyone, not on purpose but i know i have and i am really sorry. The problem i have is i feel like everyone is waiting for something to go wrong and this is especially at work as my health is not good anyway but i feel like i can never have a  sick day or take time of as that's what everyone is waiting for, i love being on the floor now and although it is really hard work, i know that if my health becomes an issue then i will have to go back to my old job which is going to cause problems for someone else who i care about very much. so i am kind of stuck at the moment and just have to work through it. I have the weekend of so am going to try and rest and then on Monday i am back to Southampton, fingers crossed my lung function is up a little bit as last time it was really bad. I also need to find out about my iron and potassium levels as they are still lower than they should be and that wont be helping. So health wise things are stable but not great, i still cant seem to keep food in as i feel sick, but my weight is stable so i think they will just say carry on as i am at the moment. At least i know this is just a virus and not my current conditons getting any worse so fingers crossed i will feel better in no time.
Work wise i seem to have a hundred things to do and no time to do then, i am still trying to do NVQ assessing which is taking longer than expected, i also have my own work to do which i seem to be more and more behind with, an d then there is OU work as well, which i am so behind with i am not sure where to start. I seem to be sinking in work at the moment and no time do any of it.

Oh well i am guessing i should get on with things and try and get some order to what i have to do, if i dont start soon i will just get more and more behind.
I am so sorry to everyone that i have snapped at this week and i really dont mean to i am just really stressed at the moment and this virus is not helping!! Thanks to my best friend for helping me this week and my friends that have really stuck by me recently!!!